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As a boutique finance company specialising in residential and
commercial lending, we help people find money.

First home buyer? Let’s show you how.
Better deal? We’re all about options (4226 of them last time we counted).
Tricky scenario? We work with 31 different lenders that provide many possible solutions.

Let us help you achieve your property and finance goals.
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We work with 31 trusted lenders to provide you with the services below

First Home Buyers

Find out about:
• Home buying process
• Choosing the right home loan
• What can you afford?
• First Home Owners Grant


Because you want:
• Better products / Services
• Cheaper Rate
• To consolidate debts
• Access equity in your property (e,g for new car / holidays or deposit for the next property)

Property Investment

Find out about:
• Both residential and commercial properties.
• Negative Gearing Benefits
• Borrowing capacity
• Market statistic report

Property Developments

We have experience in:
• Land banking
• Townhouses construction and multi-level apartments complex.


We have many happy clients, here’s what some of them have to say.


Meet the A team who look after your finance.

Eric He

Eric represents the passion and dedication within our team.As Evershine’s Managing Director, Eric truly understands the fast-changing world of finance and lending.Continuous training and challenging the status quo, along with the dedication to always go that extra mile has been pivotal to his clients’ successes.

Eric is a basketball fanatic and an avid Golden State Warriors supporter.He plays the point guard position because on court or off court, he is there to assist.

0411 199 888
[email protected]

Zhihai He is a credit representative (Credit Representative No. 470623) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237).

Leon Fu

Before graduating from Monash University with a commerce degree two years ago, I was heavily involved in debating competitions. Mortgage broking provided me with the balance to finally be able to stand in the middle and to provide a fair comparison.

In my other life, I enjoy all types of music, superhero movies and I still watch debating competitions and the clash of minds.

0402 527 820
[email protected]

Zhe Fu is a credit representative (Credit Representative No. 493908) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237)

Michelle Guo

As a former Chef turned Accountant then Mortgage Broker, I went from cooking all the way to numbers in finding my dream career. I fully understand the stressful and overwhelming feeling that comes with pursuing dreams whether it’s a car, house or a business/career.

That’s why I am always driven to provide desirable services for clients helping with financial aspects, so you can concentrate on making the right decision for your needs.

Come and grab a coffee with me.I am always happy to share some tips with you in finance as well as cooking.

0430 557 615
[email protected]

Renjing Guo is a credit representative (Credit Representative No. 512481) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237).

Tianhui Li
Finance and Compliance Manager

Tianhui Li has a background in Accounting, and was lucky enough to join Evershine Finance from the beginning. His responsibilities have grown with the business, so is probably your best contact for all things other than borrowing money.

Tian is active in his local church, and enjoys spending time with his family. Tian has just one child, a son named Caleb, but some days feel like he is looking after three.

0413 464 003
[email protected]

Lisa Li
Financial Consultant/Loan Processing Officer

Passion, trust and focus is what Lisa is about.She works with her clients to find them a structure in line with their objectives and requirements, helping them build bright and positive financial futures.She will always go that extra mile, every time, to ensure her clients are not just a customer but clients for life.

Away from the work, Lisa spends a lot of time reading as she believes ‘reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.’ She always enjoys spending quality time with her family and local community.

0433 664 929
[email protected]

Summer Wang
Financial Consultant

Summer is a great listener, and this strength has been the foundation to her and her clients’ successes.Standing in other people’s shoes comes naturally to her.You will have her attention, her patience and she’s always open to sharing her knowledge.It’s all in her smile.

0413 849 188
[email protected]

Mingyi Wang is a credit representative (Credit Representative No. 488407) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence No. 391237).

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